Postpartum Care Physical Exercise Ball with Vaginal Dumbbells IFQDH004

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Item IFQDH004
Product name Kegel Ball
Feature 1,Manual
2,Spiral design, more compact
3,Tightening the vagina,Guarantee sexual life
Color Light pink to dark red
Power Manual
Material Medical Silicone+Stainless steel ball
Size 182*83*33mm
N.W. 499.2±25g
Decibel <20dbs
Waterproof 100% IPX9 Waterproof
Warranty 12 months

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Product Description:

1.Ergonomic design:Equivalent round shape, better fit the private parts, reduce the discomfort of the private parts,tail ball design, easy to take out when put in the body,Soft drawstring design, good elasticity and can be bent at will,the built-in double ball and the gravitational force keep the muscles of the private parts in a tight state all the time
2.Function:Shrink private parts, get rid of troubles, advanced physical exercise helps you regain the sense of contraction
3.Waterproof:Adopt liquid silica gel waterproof technology
4.Material: skin-friendly silicone, comfortable to enter the body, one-piece molding and encapsulation, comfortable to the touch, soft and resistant to pinchkegel (2)

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Product advantages:
①Contraction: Eliminate laxity, physical exercise
②Elasticity: Lock tightly and narrowly without rebounding
③Smooth: Relieve sex, dry trouble
④Refreshing: Get rid of leaky urine and gynecological inflammation
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People Who Need Vaginal Exercise:
Vagina exercise refers to the exercise of "pelvic floor muscles" centered on vagina and its surrounding muscles. Goal! Exercise your vagina
①Postpartum Women:The vagina can't be repaired after delivery
②More Than Three Years:Aging of vagina due to sexual behavior
③Abortive Women:Bad effects of miscarriage
④Women Over 40 :Women aged naturally
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Design Principle And Principle Of Gravity:
Physical Shrinkage :During exercise,the built-in ball will hit back and forth in the ball, so as to stimulate the vaginal muscle to contract automatically.Exercise for a long time to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, restore the vagina tight!
After the pudendal ball is put into the body, it will slide down under the effect of geocentrism, which will make the vagina contract continuously, and the clip will tighten the pudendal ball. Through constant contraction exercise to achieve the effect of exercise!kegel (6)

How to use:
Staged Workout:Different weight advanced physical exercise artifact

Note: please do not use this product when sleeping and menstruatingkegel (8)

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Packing & Delivery:
Package details :
Option 1: Product + Manual + Luxury Giftbox
Option 2: OEM packaging, cost to be checked upon your requestkegel (11)
Delivery details:

Quantity(pcs) 1 - 100 101 - 500 501 - 1500 >1500
Est. Time(days) 10 15 20 To be negotiated

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