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Ningbo Instasex Technology L.T.D is composed of a young, enthusiastic and energetic team. The company focuses on the production and sales of various sex toys, and is committed to providing global consumers with interesting, fashionable, smart and healthy sex products, and strives to create the richest love kingdom ,Explore the unprecedented limits of human pleasure.

Since its establishment in 2015, we have maintained close cooperation with the world's top erotic R&D team. Team members have more than five years of design and development experience. We mainly focus on the production of Dildos, Vibrators, Kegel Ball, Masturbation Cup, Cock Ring, Anal Toys, SM series, etc., develop more than 100 interesting new products every year, just to provide you with a novel customized product experience.

Our philosophy is: regardless of your age, gender, sexual orientation and cultural differences, everyone has the right to physical freedom. Sex and happiness are inseparable, close the door, you are still the master of desire.

Our mission is: to provide the world with a way to freely express sexual orientation without the need for legislators to tell them what to enjoy and how to enjoy it, and to protect fruits and vegetables from sexual abuse. Let them achieve their true life goals.

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The brand promises "Let Instasex take care of your sex and make love healthier. INSTASEX sex toys strive to expand the global market and are exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, Australia, Canada and Brazil. In order to meet the needs of the export market, we have established cooperative relationships with many well-known online adult toy stores and physical stores abroad to provide consumers with omnichannels. And to reduce the use of products to ensure health and allergies, Instasex toys are developed with the safest and most durable materials.

We look forward to exploring the kingdom of Instasex with you.


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