How to help you increase your size by 3cm in 21 days exercise method

1, in the case of a shower, the use of pressure rinse penis. The printer nozzle points to the front of the penis and the root (can open the foreskin exposed penis glans) around dozens of very strong pressure on the acupuncture points to carry out centralized hot water pushing, can immediately activate the sexual application of the hardened tendons and nervous system.

2, morning erection, to the toilet before peeing, with fingers squeeze spacing penis front one-third, the penis to the top of the pressure, so the penis will be close to the firm situation, followed by fingertips on the penis, feel its reflection, one side closed anal opening, one side of the penis tends to pull up, repeated this fitness exercise, about a minute to do.

3, daily life can do more anal exercise, can active sex collaboration penis hard up pelvic floor muscles and tendons resistance strength, but also can improve the perineal blood circulation system.

4, regardless of whether the penis is soft or hard up situation, constantly and long with the fingers grip (do clutch and release pressure posture) penis, can improve the penile nervous system and capillaries, such as the charm, reasonable enhancement of sexual capacity.

5, the two hands will be rubbed hot, first with the left hand to hold the two testicles, so that the right testicle is located in the heart of the hand, the left testicle is located in the thumb, ring finger and middle thumb thread surface, and then gently rub, to the right 30-50 times, and then to the right 30-50 times, in order to slightly sore and no pain as degree.

6、Prepare in advance a bowl of cold water and a bowl of slightly hot water, hold the hardened penis from the root and put it into the cold water, after about a minute, take it out and push it around in various places, also do it for a minute, and then put the penis and the penis into the hot water and push it in the water for a minute, alternating between hot and cold, do it three times. The last thing you need to do is to masturbate your way to ejaculation and you’re done.

21 days to increase 3 cm exercise method these methods to help you increase thicker

7, in the whole process of fitness exercise, must fill some with bear estrogen ingredients, for example, bullwhip, pork loin, male chicken, carp, all can food supplement.

8, in order not to make the sexual function decline, sleep naked at night is best, let the small jj inhale fresh air, and refrigeration a small bag of bags, improve the role of testicles.

9, lying flat and bend the knee, lift both legs, then grab the right calf with the right hand, gradually to both sides of the body repeatedly stretch, closed. If you do five times each for a series of strikes, a day to do a one or two times can be.

10, Sit on the edge of the bed and stretch your legs out as far as possible. Then bend your hands forward and bend your body forward with the overall goal of touching your forehead to the bed. If every three to five times as a series of strikes, a day to do a two to three times can be. Although you may feel a slight pain between your legs when you spread them wide and then lower your head, you may have to endure it a little because the position of spreading your legs is very crucial.

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Post time: Dec-25-2021

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