Three-Motors Vibration Rear Anal Plug With Beaded Anal Toy IAGCH009

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Item IAGCH009
Product name Anal Toys
Feature 1. Vibration frequency: 10
2. Function: Vibration,Anal beads
Color Rose red
Power USB Rechargeable
Material Medical Silicone
Size 210*33mm
N.W. 157.0g
Warranty 12 months

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Product Description:
1.Vibration frequency:Experience the orgasm of the backyard, thrill the backyard
2.Waterproof:The stick body has a seamless design, excellent waterproof ability, and the bathtub is also your battlefield, allowing you to enjoy the joy of fish and water. Wash with warm water and soap after use
3.Charging :Convenient and fast, after fully charged, sustainable combat, recycling, saving resources
4.Quiet: Near-silent privacy, let you indulge in sex
5.Material:The safety of silicone is recognized, and the following are several representative fields, medical supplies, baby pacifiers, frozen ice cube boxes
6.Humanized design: long enough and deep enough, unisex
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Product Advantages:
①Continuous orgasm, 20 times cooler than vagina,Continuous orgasm is 20 times cooler than vaginal orgasm. Generally, female vaginal orgasm has a pleasure of only 5-10 seconds. The pleasure of back orgasm can last for more than 3 minutes, which is at least 20 times cooler than vaginal orgasm
②Accurately locate the G-spot position, stimulate the prostate, and the pleasure continues in waves
③No fine pleasure, no kidney damage, can continue to live as men and women after the end,after the orgasm, you will feel refreshed, very relaxed from the inside out, and you can continue to have sex after the cool down, which is really enjoyable
④Built-in high-speed motor, dense vibration, numbness and pleasure permeating layer by layer
⑤Deep vibration exploration, really deep, can also be accompanied by a burst of crisp shaking indescribable pleasure, pulling on each of your nerve cells
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Packing & Delivery:
Package details :
Option 1: Product + Manual + Luxury Giftbox
Option 2: OEM packaging, cost to be checked upon your request
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Delivery details:

Quantity(pcs) 1 - 100 101 - 500 501 - 1500 >1500
Est. Time(days) 10 15 20 To be negotiated

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