What is a Kegel ball and how to use it correctly?

What is a Kegel ball ?

In married life, men pay attention to the sense of grip, women care about the sense of containment, and the relaxation of the genitals will affect the quality of life of the couple. And vaginal reduction products are a good choice. So what is a Kegel exercise ball and how to use it properly?

What is a Kegel exercise ball? The Kegel exercise ball originated in Los Angeles, USA. It has been popularized and evolved since the 1940s. After a long-term clinical trial, the effect of shrinking vagina is remarkable. Instasex company’s Kegel Sports Massage Ball is a health product recommended by American obstetricians and gynecologists to assist women to make pelvic floor muscles and vaginal ring muscles more flexible through exercise.

By gradually increasing the number and weight of the balls placed in the body, it trains the tension of the pelvic floor muscles and the guiding ring muscles to enhance female sexual sensitivity and effectively improve sex. Quality and fun purpose. At the same time, Kegel balls can help improve vaginal contractions and prevent urinary incontinence in postpartum women. In Europe and the United States, the popularity is as high as 95%, and it is currently the safest way to reduce vaginal discharge.新闻6图1

How to use the Kegel exercise ball correctly?

The tips for using the Kegel exercise ball are introduced as follows, I hope it will help you:
1. Gently push the Kegel balls into the vagina, the light balls built into the sphere can roll in the sphere, subtly transmit exciting signals, and bring electric shock-like pleasure to your body and mind. Whether it is a single ball or a double ball, the outermost end of the ball close to the outside of the body should be kept at least 2 cm away from the vaginal opening, otherwise the Kegel balls will easily slip out.
2. The silicone cord close to the body should stay in the body so that the Kegel balls can be pulled out.
3. For the first use, you can choose a suitable sphere according to your own situation and physical tolerance. If the sphere is too heavy and causes discomfort, please take it out immediately. Exercise needs to be gradual to be effective. If you feel unwell during use, please immediately Stop using it and consult a professional doctor in time.新闻6图2

Post time: May-10-2022

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