Types of Backyard Toys

For a long time, everyone has a “prejudice” against backyard sex toys. They think that backyard massage sex toys are designed for the gay community, but do you know that backyard massage may bring unimaginable joy!

Backyard toys also have a place in sex toys, generally classified as backyard plugs (anal plugs), pull beads (chain beads) and prostate massage sticks. In addition to the prostate massage stick, which is a sex toy only for men, the other two are not divided into men and women.

1,Conventional anal plugs generally have a base that is round below and plugged into it. The stopper often has a tail stopper, as described later in the gameplay. The basic models generally do not have the function of vibration. Many new anal plugs have their own vibration function, which makes Chrysanthemum enjoy more pleasure in keeping with the times.

2,Pull beads, also called chain beads, look like a string of candied haws, long, like beads connected together. It is also a relatively common backyard toy. Unlike anal plugs, Lianzhu will have different levels of stimulation such as size. Experienced adults prefer to choose pull beads with vibration function, but like anal plugs, it is a basic backyard health care product~

3,Prostate massagers are very different from anal plugs, and prostate health care products are like a “pistol”. The curved scale and angle are specially designed for the adult male’s back court, which brings extraordinary prostate pleasure like stimulating the female G-spot massage stick. Generally speaking, the prostate massagers produced now have a vibration function.

Reminder: You should use condoms and lubricating oil for any posterior stimulation. This is not absolutely safe, but it is the most effective way to reduce the risk.

Our company have follow types Backyard Toys for you to choose :

Post time: Mar-03-2022

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