This way will help you to increase your size

Way 1: Douche your genitals
The pressure of water in the case of a bath to their own genitalia to carry out rinsing, rinsing the case to let the printer nozzle point to the genitalia in front and root parts to carry out rinsing, pay attention to the circumcision to open to wash, that persistent daily actual operation dozens of times, can have the actual effect, and then concentrate on the hot water to do pushing to solve, of course, you can also let the tendons and nervous system to do active, and thus thicken and increase.

Way 2: Nudge genitalia
1, in the morning genital hard up, to the toilet before peeing with fingers to lightly press the front third of the spacing genital parts, the genital upward pressure, so that the genital close to the firm situation, and then use their own fingertips to paste in the genital upper side, experience its reflection, at this moment to pay attention to the anal opening point volume, and then the genital upward push, that posture for about a minute to do up and down.

2, the own two hands rub hot, then use their left hand to hold both sides of the testicles, so that the right testicle in the palm of the hand, the left testicle in the thumb, ring finger and the middle thumb on the side, then rub their own testicles, first by the right side of the rub fifty times up and down, and then by the left side of the rub thirty times to fifty times up and down, at this moment will appear sore and swollen feeling, but there is no pain exist.

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Post time: Dec-25-2021

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