Advice on how to use Mini vibrador

As a sex toy, the Mini vibrador has been known long time to some people.
Because of the high radio wave noise of the traditional CoredMotor, there is a growing trend towards the CorelessMotor and the use of brushed motors.
The quality of the motor itself determines the speed ratio (vibration drive), the sound, the lifetime and the price.
You can use the Mini vibrador for below purposes:
1. Breast stimulation
You can move slowly down the head and neck to stimulate the breasts, the area around the nipples and the more sensitive parts of the breasts, increasing or decreasing the time of stimulation according to your preference.

2. Walk all over
Lie down on your side, close your eyes and let your lover help you with the full body walk. Both the body and mental state can be released as much as possible.

3.Stimulation around the vagina
Before actually entering your extremely sensitive intimate area, vibrate around the vagina to experience the different frequencies then stimulate the urge to feel further.

4. Vagina stimulation
It can stimulate the sensitive area of the clitoris, starting with a low frequency and slowly accelerating the frequency as the vibrador rises and falls, stimulating the clitoris and vulva in general and increasing pleasure.

5. Perineal stimulation
To stimulate the perineum, which is an area close to the sensitive emperor of the pubic area and vaguely close to the vagina in the outside world.

6. G-spot stimulation
With mutual lubrication, you can gradually enter the vagina and look for the G-spot 4-5cm up the slope.

7. Anal stimulation
If the anal area is sensitive, you can also use the vibrador to stimulate the anal. However, you must clean up the anal first and not enter the vagina directly after stimulating the anal.

After learning how to use the Mini vibrador , there are a few things to keep in mind: the vibrador should be sterilised before use and the vagina should be moistened before use. Wipe them down after use and store the rechargeable batteries.

It is not recommended to insert the vibrador too deeply, but to use it according to your own requirements. It is not recommended to use the vibrador for too long time, but to find the most suitable time and frequency for you.

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Post time: Dec-25-2021

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