Medium And Large Size Gradient Pull Beads Excellent Anal Toys IAGDH005

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Item IAGDH005
Product name Anal Toys
Feature 1. Manual
2. Function: Anal beads
Color Black
Power Manual
Material Medical Silicone
Size 275*41*36mm
N.W. 165g
Warranty 12 months

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Product Description:
1,Unique design:
(1)Round head,will not stab the private parts and anus
(2)Gradient pull beads,brings you one after another orgasm by stimulating the anus
(3)Pull ring design,it is convenient for you to pull out the pull bead
2.Soft silicone:Simulated human touchmore real and exciting
3.Gradient pull beads : The beads are round and plump , gradually grow larger from bottom to top , expansion force gradually increases , stimulation gradually increase
4.Easy to clean : it’s IP X7 waterproof , you can just wash it with soap and water directly ,store dry after cleaning
5.Small round head :As slender as a little finger, easy to enter ,no pain and injuryjhg (2)

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Precautions for use:
The use of anal plugs is roughly the same as that of the vibrator. Be sure to apply a special lubricant for the back court before use

It should be emphasized here that you must use a special lubricant for the back court, because the back court cannot produce honey liquid, so it cannot lubricate, while ordinary lubricants are mostly water-soluble and volatilize faster. If there is damage to the anus, the lubricating fluid for the back court is mostly oily and not easy to volatilize, which can effectively ensure that the anus will not be damaged, so that you can use it with confidence

This product is a large pull beads, suitable for players with certain experience, chain shape, full of violence, best choice for men and women

One product, many different ways to play ,more ways to play waiting for you to explore……
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Packing & Delivery:
Package details :
Option 1: Product + Manual +Blister
Option 2: OEM packaging, cost to be checked upon your request

Delivery details:

Quantity(pcs) 1 - 100 101 - 500 501 - 1500 >1500
Est. Time(days) 7 12 15 To be negotiated

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