Manual Heating Vibration Compression Male Airbag Masturbation Cup

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Item IMFJZ001
Product name Masturbation Cup
Feature 1,Manual
Color Gray
Power Manual
Material Medical Silicone+ABS
Size 230*90mm
N.W. 250.0g
Warranty 12 months

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Product Description:

1.Material:The touch is more like the rich softness of the delicate and private parts, clamping and swallowing, the wrapping feeling is more real,simulate the softness of the buttocks and the real inner wall,simulate plump and real fleshy, tender fleshy
2.Heating: 360° all-round technology to keep warm, keep the honey hole warm, every time you stretch, it's like a real piston movement,all-round wrapping of the meat stick, warm and true
3.Manual: the frequency can be controlled by heart,willful and fast thrusting, tight and tight, and enjoy a wonderful orgasm!
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Product Advantages:
①More realistic experience, close to the real channel
②Clamping and suction air bag, compact suction in multiple parts like being there
③360° wrap, fully stimulate every sensitive point of the cock,let every masturbation be full of joy
④Every time you pump back and forth, you can also suck your dragon root from left to right, the meat wall tightly clamps the meat cock, and enjoys sucking and squirming when interspersed, and feels the slippery honey hole when interspersed and stretched
⑤What you enjoy is not just a masturbation device, you are playing on the spot, even masturbation is immersive

①For hygiene, it is recommended to use with condoms
②When storing, keep away from children, avoid exposure to sunlight, and keep away from volatilesjgh (4)

Button guide:
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Packing & Delivery:

Package details :
Option 1: Product + Manual + Luxury Giftbox
Option 2: OEM packaging, cost to be checked upon your request

Delivery details:

Quantity(pcs) 1 - 100 101 - 500 501 - 1500 >1500
Est. Time(days) 10 15 20 To be negotiated

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